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Tummy Tuck

At Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery, we understand that sometimes no matter what you try, your stomach does not look the way you want it to. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fady Sinno performs abdominoplasty, often called a tummy tuck, in Ellicott City and Westminster to help patients from Columbia and Baltimore, MD, attain or regain a flat, attractive abdominal area.

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We can help you achieve the look you want. To find out if a tummy tuck is right for you, request your consultation online with Dr. Fady Sinno or call us at (410) 884-4200 (Ellicott City) or (410) 751-2348 (Westminster). Dr. Sinno has offices near Columbia, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Frederick, Maryland.

Tummy Tuck
Before & After Photos


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Tummy Tuck
Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Tummy Tuck case 91
    Tummy Tuck case 91

    Case #91

    This is a 39 year-old woman who presented with abdominal lipodsytrophy with a lower panniculus.  Dr. Sinno performed a standard abdominoplasty with abdominal and flank ... View Case 

  • Tummy Tuck case 21
    Tummy Tuck case 21

    Case #21

    This is a 38 year old female who had stubborn fat deposits of the thighs. Dr. Sinno performed liposuction of the thighs in combination with her tummy tuck procedure. View Case 

  • Tummy Tuck case 50
    Tummy Tuck case 50

    Case #50

    View Case 

  • Tummy Tuck case 92
    Tummy Tuck case 92

    Case #92

    This is a 38 year-old female who underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost approximately 130 pounds.  She presented with abdominal skin laxity, redundancy and lipodystrophy and desired contouring.  Dr. Sinno performed a standard ... View Case 

About Tummy Tuck Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fady Sinno performs tummy tuck surgery to reduce or flatten a protruding abdomen when weight loss or exercise is not effective. People who have had multiple pregnancies, significant weight loss, or other conditions that have stretched out abdominal muscles and skin can benefit from a tummy tuck. The procedure is most effective for individuals who have stabilized at their desired weight.

Types of Tummy Tuck

Dr. Sinno performs the following variations of the tummy tuck procedure, which depend on the extent of correction needed:

  • Standard tummy tuck renews the look of the abdomen from under the ribcage down to the pubic area. This version requires an incision that runs from hip to hip and another that circles the belly button. Dr. Sinno removes loose, stretched skin and rejoins separated abdominal muscles if necessary. The abdominal skin is pulled down and the belly button is repositioned.
  • Mini tummy tuck provides improvement from the belly button down to the pubic area. Dr. Sinno removes loose skin and tightens abdominal muscles in this limited area. This variation requires a shorter incision than the standard tummy tuck.

A More Noticeable Improvement

You may want to consider additional plastic surgery procedures to enhance your tummy tuck. Popular options include:

A tummy tuck is performed as part of most mommy makeover procedures to help women renew their bodies after pregnancy and breastfeeding. During your consultation, Dr. Sinno will take the time to answer your questions and create a customized plan that will work best for you and your body.

What to Expect

Dr. Sinno performs tummy tuck surgery either as an outpatient procedure or with an overnight stay in a hospital. You will receive general anesthesia during the surgery so you will sleep through the procedure and feel no pain. He first makes an incision across the abdomen above the pubic bone. He then removes excess skin, fat, and tissue, and tightens abdominal muscles if they are stretched or separated. Dr. Sinno often also performs liposuction of the abdomen, hips, and flanks the same time, if necessary. He closes the incision with absorbable stitches.


After your tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Sinno, your abdomen will be wrapped in an elastic compression garment that you will need to wear for the first several weeks. The gentle pressure will give you stability and minimize initial swelling. Most patients also return home with 1 or 2 drains to empty fluid from the surgical area. Dr. Sinno will remove them several days after surgery.

Most patients are sore to some degree for 10 to 20 days after their tummy tuck. Dr. Sinno uses several tools for pain management including long-acting local anesthetic administered at the time of surgery and the placement of "pain-pump" devices that continue to deliver the local anesthetic for several days. Any initial numbness in the treated area can persist for several months.

You will not be able to stand completely upright for at least the first week, and possibly longer. However, it's important that you start moving and walking within 1 to 2 days after surgery to reduce the possibility of blood clots. Most patients can resume light activity within 10 to 15 days, but should avoid strenuous exercise or sports for at least 6 weeks.


Although a scar cannot be avoided with tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Sinno strives to minimize the incision and place it where the scar can be concealed by a swimsuit or underwear. A tummy tuck will give you a much flatter, smoother abdomen overall. The results are permanent unless the abdomen is stretched again by massive weight gain or another pregnancy.

Dr. Sinno

Dr. Sinno

Fady Sinno, MD, FACS, has over 20 years of plastic surgery experience. Dr. Sinno is admired for his commitment to natural results, comfort and safety.

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Tummy Tuck FAQ

Do I need a tummy tuck or just liposuction?

Tummy tuck surgery is for women and men who have a protruding midsection due to muscle laxity, excess skin and fat. Liposuction is excellent for removing isolated areas of fat in individuals who have good muscle and skin tone. The best option after pregnancy or massive weight loss is a tummy tuck.

Can a tummy tuck help me lose weight?

No, a tummy tuck is not weight loss surgery. However, it can be a highly beneficial procedure for those who have already lost weight by dieting, exercising and/or having bariatric surgery. If losing a large amount of weight has led to excess skin and fat in your midsection, a tummy tuck may be the procedure for you.

Why can't I flatten my abdominal muscles with exercise?

If your abdominal muscles have become weakened or separated, exercise cannot close the gap (called a diastasis recti). Dr. Sinno can repair the separation with internal sutures. This closes the gap and brings the muscles back to their natural position. After you recovery, you can exercise to rebuild core strength for further abdominal flattening. Suturing your abdominal muscles can also take several inches off your waistline.

Can I have a tummy tuck between pregnancies?

A pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery could reverse all of the corrections made during the procedure. To maximize and prolong your results, wait to have a tummy tuck until after you have had your last child.

How painful is abdominoplasty surgery?

Most of the pain after abdominoplasty surgery originates from repairing and tightening the abdominal wall muscles. Dr. Sinno administers long-acting local anesthetics into the abdominal wall muscles at the time of surgery, so patients are very comfortable when they wake up from general anesthesia. In addition, Dr. Sinno strongly recommends the installation of the ON-Q® pain pump device at the time of surgery so pain is effectively and automatically controlled for 4 ½ to 5 days using local anesthetics only. This device provides safe pain control directly to the surgical site while minimizing the use of narcotic pain killers and avoiding their common side effects.

How can I prepare for my tummy tuck?

Avoid smoking for several weeks prior to your procedure. You should also avoid aspirin and any other blood-thinning medication before your tummy tuck. Make plans to have someone help you around the house after surgery, especially if you have small children. Dr. Sinno will provide detailed post-op instructions at your consultation.

Next Steps

Are you ready to find out more about tummy tuck surgery? Request your consultation online with Dr. Fady Sinno or call us at (410) 884-4200 (Ellicott City) or (410) 751-2348 (Westminster). His offices are conveniently located near Baltimore, Annapolis, and Frederick.

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