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Plastic surgery patients from Baltimore and Columbia, MD, praise Dr. Fady Sinno‘s warm, compassionate personality and personalized attention. At the Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery, we take pride in continually exceeding patient expectations and helping the people we treat at our Westminster and Ellicott City offices look, feel, and live better.

These patient reviews and testimonials speak to the commitment we have to our patients. Our focus on quality over quantity fosters a safe, private, comfortable experience and natural-looking results. No matter the procedure they choose, our patients can feel confident in their decision to trust our highly skilled and experienced team with their plastic surgery goals.

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I am 3 weeks out from an extended tummy tuck with liposuction and couldn’t be happier with the results. From the moment I met Dr. Sinno I knew I found the perfect surgeon for my plastic surgery. He is truly a master at his craft. He was thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions and discuss my concerns. The patient care staff, Rima and Tyra are so knowledgeable and accommodating as well as the entire surgical team. I can’t thank you enough!

Amazing surgeon - Dr. Sinno is a master at his craft I am 3 weeks out from a tummy tuck and liposuction. Dr. Sinno is a master at his craft. Everyone told me to get a second opinion but once I met Dr. Sinno I knew he was the one for me. He was extremely knowledgeable and honest. He took the time to explain to me everything that I needed to know to have a successful result. I highly recommend Dr. Sinno and his patient care support team.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. This entire team is beyond amazing. They’re so caring and make you feel 100% comfortable. They immediately address any questions or concerns you have. Thank you Rima, Tayra, and Dr. Sinno for all of your support. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Excellent medical care throughout mu experience! From the initial consultation through the surgery and follow up care, each interaction was highly professional from Dr. sinno and including the medical support staff.

5 Star Experience from Initial Consult to Aftercare I had an amazingly positive experience from initial consult to 10 weeks post procedure (currently). I met with more than one plastic surgeon, and I can tell you that 20- 30 minutes into my initial consult with Dr. Sinno, I had decided this is where I will have my procedure! The office staff (Rima and Tayra) are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. They welcome you warmly and make you comfortable...and it's important to feel comfortable for every step of the process. Dr. Sinno is skilled, thoughtful and precise, and I could not be happier with my results so far! I had abdominoplasty (with muscle repair) and liposuction. During the day of my surgery, the surgery staff took great care of me, and Dr. Sinno reassured me in his calm demeanor. Recovery was as expected, and now that I am 10 weeks post procedure, I can look back on my decision with no regrets. Actually, I do have one regret, and that is not doing this sooner! I highly recommend Dr. Sinno and this office!!

Botox was 100% worth it! Could not be happier with results I wish I had done this sooner, but my fear of needles caused me to hesitate. I could not be happier with the results, and I am already booked for a second appointment. Even though there was slight pain with the injections, it was totally manageable. Dr. Sinno was fabulous from start to finish and made me feel completely comfortable with my decision.

Amazing Results, Natural and Gorgoeus! The best decision I have made was choosing Dr. Sinno and his practice. From the first day, I felt like they truly cared about me and I was not a number. The entire staff was excellent, but to me, Rima is what makes this practice absolutely top tier. She explains everything so well and is so kind, I felt like I was speaking to my sister. Dr. Sinno is amazing. He was very thorough in his explanations and he knows what he's doing! The results are so natural and gorgoeus, which is what my goal was the whole time. This is the only place I will go to from now on and I highly recommend you give them a visit before going anywhere else.

Only 2 weeks post-op & excited about tummy tuck revision results! I wish I had found Dr. Sinno before my first surgery three years ago! It would've saved me time, pain, and $$$. Everything was explained to me during the initial consult, and guess what? Everything went as planned. His attentiveness to detail and his experience is on another level. I can't thank Dr. Sinno enough! I'm VERY pleased with my results, and I'm only 14 days. post-op. What a difference working with an experienced surgeon makes!!

I could not recommend Dr.Sinno and his team enough! They are all the sweetest people ever and truly want what’s in your best interest. They thoroughly explain everything and the whole procedure step by step. His work is amazing and i couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Dr. Sinno, Tyra, Rima and everyone I interacted with in the surgical center are/were pleasant to work with. I had a breast reduction/ lift/ lipo done in January. I still have a journey with my healing but I love!!! Love my results. Check. Them. Out.

"I can't say enough about Dr. Sinno, his staff, and my results. Wonderful! not even an accurate description.

I am VERY particular when it comes to physicians, not only because I am a choosy person but my father is also a well respected doctor.

From the moment I called the office I had a good feeling about this practice. His staff was so nice. Scheduling the appointment was quick, easy and friendly.

My consultation went great. Dr. Sinno sat down with me prior to being examined and we discussed everything from my expectations and concerns my kids and where I grew up. His personality is very warm. He is not arrogant or cocky like some plastic surgeons can be. During the exam he was professional and provided me with multiple options. He never once tried to "up sell" me. He was very honest and open. I was there there to address my problematic c section scar and breast implants with a lift. He was confident and thoroughly explained results, risks, and even alternate options. His bedside manner is top notch.

I actually put a down payment on my procedure that day and called the other physicians I was scheduled to have consults with and I cancelled!

I had my procedure (full breast lift with augmentation and mini tummy tuck including removal of my problematic scar tissue). While prepping for my surgery I was speaking with the Operating Room nurses they even mentioned how "if they ever needed any surgery like this, Dr Sinno would be who they choose, because of his attention to detail".

My surgery took a little longer than I expected, however I know this is because of his great attention to detail and his pride in his work. My recovery has been great. I am in love with my results! So is my husband ;).

I am so happy I had this done and even more happy that I went to such a skilled surgeon.

Thank you Dr. Sinno and staff for amazing results and equally amazing care!"

I have been a patient of Dr. Sinno for about 2 years now and I would highly recommend him. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with a very rare congenital disease called MRKH. The surgery I had done was a vaginal reconstruction by use of a split thickness skin graft. Dr. Sinno did an amazing job of keeping things positive and keeping my hopes up while at the same time being very thorough. The surgery went perfectly. The majority of my time was spend in the office after my surgery, for follow up visits. The office itself is very cozy and welcoming as well as the staff. Overall I am very happy with my choice of Dr. Sinno. It's been about a year and a half since my surgery, and things are better than ever.

Having Dr. Sinno do the liposuction on my neck, facelift and eyelids was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Sinno and his staff are so considerate. The surgery went off without a hitch and I look so natural. I now look as great as I feel. I recommend Dr. Sinno highly.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Sinno for about 2 years now and I would highly recommend him. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with a very rare congenital disease called MRKH. The surgery I had done was a vaginal reconstruction by use of a split thickness skin graft. Dr. Sinno did an amazing job of keeping things positive and keeping my hopes up while at the same time being very thorough. The surgery went perfectly. The majority of my time was spend in the office after my surgery, for follow up visits. The office itself is very cozy and welcoming as well as the staff. Overall I am very happy with my choice of Dr. Sinno. It's been about a year and a half since my surgery, and things are better than ever.

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I am coming up on my 3 month anniversary of my abdominoplasty, side and flank lip, and chin lipo. In regard to those procedures, everything went according to plan. Specifically, the hospital was smooth going in and out. The hospital staff, nurses, Anesthesiologist, and Dr. Sinno were beyond comforting, informative, and most importantly CARING! I had very little pain and Dr. Sinno made sure my husband had his personal cell phone number for any questions. I have wanted to have my stomach fixed for about 8 years, after the birth of my daughter separated my stomach muscles and caused me to have a drooping pouch. I always put it on the back burner. Everything else was more important. I began to hate myself, social situations, Spring, and Summertime. I decided it wouldn't hurt to research someone local and just get a quick once-over. I poured through "Rock Star" doctors with fancy named procedures and found that most preferred to talk about themselves, not their work. I came across Dr. Sinno and found his website to be informative, straight to the point, and extremely professional. I left my information in their email and was immediately contacted to set up a consult. Within a few days I went to my appointment and met Dr. Sinno and his staff. I immediately felt comfortable. Not a pretentious feeling to the office at all. I was warmly greeted by Dr. Sinno who very respectfully examined my 'issue areas' (wonderful office manager Rima was there for support). I was told that I was NOT alone. Thousands of women experience the same condition. Dr. Sinno could repair my stomach muscles, tighten my belly, give me a waist, and help with my double chin. He was very gentle, very sympathetic, and took time for my many questions and nervous chatter. It DOES NOT cost an arm and a leg. There is financing available through Care Credit. WHAT IS IT WORTH TO YOU; TO BE ABLE TO TIE YOUR OWN SHOES? TO BE ABLE TO SHAVE YOUR LEGS? TO ZIPPER UP JEANS AND NOT CATCH SKIN IN THE ZIPPER? TO NOT HAVE TO WEAR GIRDLES THAT PINCH AND MAKE YOU SWEAT? TO WEAR A JACKET AND NOT HAVE YOUR STOMACH HANG OUT OF THE BOTTOM? When my 8 year old daughter hugs me, her arms go around and she squeezes tight. Before, her arms never made it to my back. Before, I lived in hoodies and tights. I wear jeans and real shirts!!!! I feel like I have been given a second chance at life. I've transformed! I feel like how I've always looked on the inside! And ALL OF IT, I owe to Dr. Fady Sinno.

What's important is someone you can trust in a surgeon.

There are many well qualified surgeons in my the Balt. Wash. area, who is right for me, that is the question. After months of research, a good friend who is also a registered nurse referred me to Dr. Sinno. I'm only 3 weeks post op and I am very excited about my transformation even though there's still have a lot of healing to do. It is amazing how you feel when all that skin is no longer there. Looking forward to the final results.


I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Faddy Sinno. When I decided to have cosmetic surgery, I actually consulted with 5 different surgeons. Out of all the surgeons, I chose to go with Dr. Sinno for two reasons. 1. You get what you pay for and 2. He was the only one who addressed the whole package (I had areas outside the stomach that needed attention in order for the area to look complete). Dr. Sinnoâ??s staff is energetic, personal and professional. They made it so easy to be excited instead of apprehensive about having my procedure. They all were very knowledgeable about the procedure as well as the recuperation process. They made everything soooooo easy and soooooo enjoyable. Dr. Sinno has THE BEST bedside manner. Heâ??s friendly, caring and talks to you on your level and not in all these medical terms you donâ??t understand. He calls you by your first name and makes you feel extremely welcome. Heâ??s responsive to a point where I called him and he called me back within 30 minutes on a SUNDAY!!!! When I spoke to him, he didnâ??t make me feel rushed or if I was an inconvenience. I so appreciated his concern and his professionalism. Dr. Sinno makes you feel like you more than just a patient. I actually miss not having to go to my appointments and receive all that encouragement! I LOVE my new body. This was the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!

An artistic genius

I consulted with 2 other surgeons and within 15 minutes of walking into Dr. Sinno's office I knew I had found the one I wanted for my surgery. His surgical plan was the best, his staff is superb, they all treated me with dignity, and the results are truly amazing. I LOVE my new body! I had an extended abdominoplasty performed after major weight loss. Thank you Dr. Sinno!

Outstanding Doctor

Honestly, I read some of the reviews for Dr. Sinno before my appointment this week and I almost felt like he seemed too good to be true. This was until I met him and witnessed the highest standard of medical care that I have received in a very long time. I saw him for dermal fillers because I went to another local plastic surgeon who had overfilled me with a less than desirable filler in the tear trough area. He was so patient and kind in explaining all of my options and what I could expect. Dr. Sinno spent over 2 hours with me working on correcting my face and improving it. He told me that he would rather see a few patients a day and make sure they are happy than to see more people. Dr. Sinno is truly a rare find. He is worth the wait as his technical skills and bedside manner are exceptional. I truly feel blessed to have found him.

Looking for an Artist?

Where do I begin? I came to Dr. Sinno as a referral from my GYN. I had a botched augmentation from an un-named well respected surgeon, and Dr. Sinno took the time to consult on how he would correct the last surgeons work. Dr. Sinno was precise, patient, compassionate, knowledgable, honest about potential for lapse and very professional. HE IS AN ARTIST! Dr. Sinno warned me that it may take longer in OR than scheduled, but that he would not leave the OR until it was perfect. So that's exactly what happened. It took over 5 hours to correct, and although he warned me the correction might not take, it did take and I love the end result. So much that I went back to have an abdomnioplasty. I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend Dr. Sinno to anyone looking for an exceptional doctor that takes the time to care! Obviously, the extension of that care pours over to his wife Rima and to Tyra who schedule the appointments and follow up. They are family, truly. God Bless your practice!

I can't say enough about Dr. Sinno's practice

I had a mastectomy many years ago and waited to go through reconstructive breast surgery. Eventually I contacted a well known plastic surgeon in the area and for two years we went back and forth regarding the type of procedure I should have. Finally, I sought a second opinion from Dr. Sinno and I am so happy I did! From the moment I first walked into his office I knew I had selected the right surgeon. Dr. Sinno is stellar! He took a great deal of time explaining the type of procedure he thought best for me and patiently answered all my questions. Heâ??s articulate, professional and has a bedside manner that you just donâ??t see any more. And, I could not be more pleased with my results. He has also performed Dysport on me and I'm happy with these results as well. I will use him again, and have, and will continue to recommend him and his fantastic staff: Rima, Maggie and Heidi who coordinated everything and made each visit a pleasant one. The compassion and caring of Dr. Sinno and his staff is just extraordinary.

I was referred to Dr. Sinno for Botox/Dysport treatments by multiple people and after my appointment with him I completely understand why. Dr. Sinno listened to every concern I had and answered every one of my questions. It was obvious that he was very experienced in his field and unlike other specialists I have been to, Dr. Sinno genuinely cared about my concerns. Dr. Sinno made me feel comfortable and I felt I could trust him with any procedure I went through with. He was very professional and the Dysport treatment turned out better than I ever expected! I highly recommend Dr. Sinnno to everyone!

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I highly recommend Dr. Fady Sinno and his staff. They are the most compassionate and competent medical team I have ever encountered. From day one, I felt comfortable asking questions and expressing my concerns. Dr. Sinno thoroughly explained in detail how he would perform the procedure. I needed surgery on my breasts to correct a situation that was both painful and aesthetically unacceptable.

I knew surgery by Dr. Sinno would greatly improve my problem. However, I was utterly surprised and extremely happy with the fantastic results that went far beyond my expectations. I recovered very quickly, never experiencing any real pain. I feel wonderful, inside and out. My breasts look great! I just cannot thank Dr. Sinno enough!

I plan to use Dr. Sinno's talents and services again in the future. I am in my late 60's and hope to get some facial rejuvenation. Only will I have Dr. Sinno do this because I have total confidence in him. I recommend him 1000 percent!

Cannot say enough about Dr. Fady and his staff! Had severe abdominal separation and umbilical hernia after complicated pregnancies. Was referred by my OBGYN to Dr. Fady and I absolutely have no regrets. The results from my abdominalplasty and hernia repair are beyond unbelievable. My recovery was smooth and left minimal scaring. Dr. Fady was incredibly nice, compassionate and very knowledgeable. He saw my pain and embarrassment from living with this stomach of mine that made me look 7 months pregnant and right from the first consultation visit – he put my mind at ease. He has truly given me my life back and I will be forever grateful. His staff were one of the best part of my experience with his office – they were always respectful, helpful, always ready to cater to my needs when booking appointments – and something I have never experienced with any other doctor's office – when they say they are going to call you back – they indeed call you back! I totally recommend him 100 times over!

After being referred by numerous people, both previous patients and other specialists, I made an appointment with Dr. Sinno for a Botox/Dysport treatment. Dr. Sinno was phenomenal! Not only did he patiently listen to every concern I had, but he also made me feel very comfortable and like I could trust him with any type of procedure I went through with. He was personable and very professional. He answered every question I had and I never felt rushed. It was obvious that Dr. Sinno was well educated and very experienced in his field. Everything in his office was clean and made me feel at home. Most importantly, the results of his work are beyond amazing! I could not have asked for a better experience or better results!

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