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At the Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery, we are committed to keeping people who are interested in plastic surgery and medical spa procedures up to date on the latest innovations. We also work hard to inform our patients about seminars and other events at our cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Baltimore.

Check this page often for updates on our practice and the latest information on Dr. Sinno’s cosmetic treatments.

New Breast Augmentation Options Increase Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Fady Sinno, a plastic surgery specialist near Baltimore, says new techniques and customizing options, such as the availability of newly approved silicone gel implants, lead to greater satisfaction for breast augmentation patients at his practice. Ellicott City, Maryland (November 2012) – Dr. Fady Sinno says the high level of satisfaction among breast augmentation patients at his  is partly due to the advances in technology and technique that allow him to customize each patient's procedure to meet her individual goals. "As technology improves and more options for breast implants become available, surgeons are more able to create beautiful and natural-looking …

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Plastic Surgery Patients in Baltimore Have Specialized Tummy Tuck Options

Dr. Fady Sinno, a board-certified plastic surgeon, now offers 3 abdominoplasty variations: standard, mini, and modified. With additional choices, more of his patients are benefiting from a customized approach tailored to their needs. Ellicott City, Maryland (December 2010) – When it comes to improving your appearance through plastic surgery, there's no such thing as "one size fits all" at the Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Fady Sinno is offering his  patients 3 variations of the procedure: standard, mini, and modified. By customizing each option he is able to correct a variety of concerns and restore a more youthful abdominal …

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Patients in Their 40s Turn to Facelift Surgery in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Fady Sinno, a board-certified plastic surgeon, says many patients in their 40s are ideal candidates for facelift surgery at his Baltimore, MD practice. Baltimore, Maryland (March 2015) — Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fady Sinno ( says it may surprise some to hear it, but he often recommends  for patients in their 40s at his Baltimore, MD practice. "I actually think some people wait too long to get facelifts," Dr. Sinno once wrote in his answer to a 39-year-old woman who posted a question on RealSelf, an online forum for patients considering plastic surgery. "There really is no age that determines …

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