New Breast Augmentation Options Increase Patient Satisfaction

Sinno Center for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Fady Sinno, a plastic surgery specialist near Baltimore, says new techniques and customizing options, such as the availability of newly approved silicone gel implants, lead to greater satisfaction for breast augmentation patients at his practice.

Ellicott City, Maryland (November 2012) – Dr. Fady Sinno says the high level of satisfaction among breast augmentation patients at his plastic surgery practice near Baltimore is partly due to the advances in technology and technique that allow him to customize each patient’s procedure to meet her individual goals.

“As technology improves and more options for breast implants become available, surgeons are more able to create beautiful and natural-looking results,” Dr. Sinno says. “The more options I have to customize procedures, the easier it is to develop a treatment plan suited to a patient’s specific needs.”

Dr. Sinno says breast augmentation isn’t just about enlarging the size of the breasts. Ever-increasing options for breast implants in the Baltimore area help him create contours that complement each person’s body type.

One very popular example is the new form-stable silicone-gel implant that is available in a wide variety of shapes and profiles. The FDA approved the Sientra cohesive-gel implant earlier this year, and similar products from Allergan® and Mentor® are expected to receive FDA approval soon.

Dr. Sinno says he’s seeing great success with the new implant shapes, particularly the ultra-high-profile option that works extremely well for petite women.

“This option is ideal for women with narrow frames, since the higher profile produces enhanced volume without making the breasts too wide,” he says.

“Patients are often surprised to learn how choices such as type of implant and positioning can affect breast augmentation results. Other options, such as incision locations, ensure that patients can feel comfortable wearing outfits of their choosing following recovery without having to worry about any scars showing.”

Advancements in surgical techniques have also decreased surgery and recovery times. Dr. Sinno says the entire procedure takes 2 to 3 hours, and patients are typically able to return to work or school within a few days after surgery.

Baltimore area breast augmentation patients can get the results they want with a very short recovery time,” Dr. Sinno says.

He provides private consultations for patients to learn about their options and the many procedures he offers.

“Although breast augmentation alone is extremely effective for many patients, some women find that complementary procedures such as a breast lift are necessary to create more desirable results,” Dr. Sinno says. “These and many other options are discussed in detail during consultations.

“We’re happy to offer the most recent techniques for the full spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures available at our practice, and we look forward to helping more people enhance their appearances.”

Are you ready to learn more about breast enhancement surgery? Request your consultation online with Dr. Fady Sinno or call us at  (410) 884-4200 or  (410) 751-2348. His offices are conveniently located near Baltimore, Annapolis and Frederick.

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