How To Get Back Into an Exercise Routine After Breast Implants

Woman getting back into working out slowly with lunges (model)

Women who get breast augmentation generally lead active lifestyles that include exercising regularly. They work hard to remain fit, and one of the concerns they have about recovery is how soon they can get back to the gym, pool, or wherever else they work out.

While breast augmentation itself does not typically affect a woman’s ability to exercise, it’s important to approach postoperative exercise with care to ensure proper healing and avoid complications. In this blog post, I’ll offer some tips for getting back into an exercise routine after having breast augmentation.

  1. Start Slowly

It’s important to ease back into your exercise routine and gradually increase the intensity and duration over time. Even though you’ll need plenty of rest during the first few days after surgery, you can resume low-impact exercises, such as walking or gentle yoga, the day after surgery. Gradually incorporate more strenuous activities as your body heals.

  1. Rely on Your Surgeon for Guidance

We provide patients with specific instructions regarding when to resume exercise after breast augmentation. It’s important to follow these instructions closely. If you have any questions about the type or intensity of exercises—such as upper body workouts—you should check with your surgeon for advice.

  1. Wear a Supportive Sports Bra

If you’ve always had smaller breasts, the importance of wearing sports bras may be new to you. You should invest in a supportive sports bra that fits well and provides adequate support for your new breasts. Wearing a supportive sports bra during exercise helps prevent discomfort, minimize movement, and promote proper healing.

  1. Avoid Certain Exercises

Even after you feel physically capable of exercising strenuously, you should wait before performing exercises such as chest presses or pushups. During the earlier stages of recovery, these types of activities can put too much strain on the chest muscles and implants. Wait until your surgeon clears you to resume chest-focused workouts.

  1. Listen to Your Body

You know your body better than anyone else. If something feels off while exercising, don’t push through. Pay close attention to how your body feels after exercise too. If you experience pain, discomfort, or swelling in the chest area, it may be a sign that you need to dial back the intensity of your workout or take a break altogether.

  1. Be Patient

This is often the most difficult thing for patients to remember. Breast augmentation is a serious surgery, and it may take several weeks or even months for your body to heal fully. Be patient with yourself and take the time you need to recover completely before jumping back into exercise.

Caution, patience, and paying attention to how your body feels are the keys to successfully resuming your exercise routine after breast augmentation.

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