How Do Breast Implants Change Your Breasts?

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Asking how breast implants change your breasts may seem like a head-scratcher—yes, they make them bigger. But implants can alter the look or feel of your breasts in multiple ways. Many breast augmentation patients want to know if the procedure will change their nipples or areolae, reduce sagging, or affect their ability to breastfeed in the future.

Before I address those questions and others, it’s important to know that breast implants take some time to settle into their final position (often called the “drop-and-fluff” process). How long does it take for implants to drop? It’s a gradual process, but you can generally expect it to take at least 3 months before you see your breast augmentation results.


Will my breasts look natural?

Women choosing to get breast implants mostly want their enhanced breasts to look proportional with the rest of their bodies. Breast implants can typically increase breast size by one or more cup sizes. Plastic surgeons take precise measurements of the patient’s torso to help patients choose an implant size that will achieve their goals and create a natural look.

Do implants change the shape of the breasts?

Yes, breast implants can change the shape of the breasts. Depending on the type of implant and where they’re placed (either in front of or behind the chest muscle), they can create a fuller, rounder, or more lifted appearance.

Can breast augmentation correct asymmetry in breasts?

Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts. In some cases, though, the difference in size between the 2 breasts may be noticeable and cause a woman to be self-conscious about the asymmetry. Breast augmentation offers a solution by adding slightly more volume to one breast to match the other. Our patients’ before and after pictures show how well implants can bring breasts into balance.

Do breast implants change the size of the areolae?

The areolae are the darker areas that surround your nipples. For the most part, breast augmentation won’t change their size or make them appear slightly larger. If you combine a breast lift with implants, however, the size or shape of the areolae may be changed. Additionally, breast augmentation can fix certain types of inverted nipples.

Will breast implants lift sagging breasts?

If your breast skin still has most of its elasticity and you have minimal sagging, breast implants can provide a slight lift to the breasts. For moderate or significant sagging, however, implants may make the condition worse. You can discuss combining a breast lift with augmentation during your consultation. I explain more about the benefits of pairing a breast lift with implants in my related blog post.

Can breast implants affect breastfeeding?

Breast implants generally do not affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed, but there is a small chance that they can damage milk ducts or glands. If you’re considering having children after getting breast implants, you should discuss plans for breastfeeding with your surgeon so the incision won’t be made along the areola.

Do you lose sensation in your nipples with breast implants?

There may be a temporary loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation, but permanent changes are rare. Incisions under the areola have a higher risk of numbness than inframammary incisions (under the breast fold). There is also less chance of affecting nipple sensation if you have the implants placed behind the pectoral muscle (submuscular placement).

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